Sunday, March 22, 2009

and a little bit of chicken fry...

cold beer on a friday night? --that song was sang by the band at "sig ep softball afterpart"...lame that i put it in quotes. but yeah. some bitches got in stage as live participants (cowbell and tambourine) and the sucked. oh well. also, amaretto sour got spilled on me three times by drunken sig eps trying to dance. news flash, you look like a gay idiot, so stop swaying back and forth like that. you think that's straight dancing, but it's not. sorry. i sound like i'm in a bad mood, but really i'm not actually...just aggravated about some stuff. like 1) xtine slapped in the face. slapped as in, legitimately hit me in the face for LITERALLY no reason. she was so drunk she thought she slapped me bc i slapped her first, but really. no. she just slapped me bc she was soo fucking drunk. 2) i had to trick lynda to go to sleep. we went to the campus akon concert and she got sooo drunk that we left early and everyone i was with left me to walk with her alone bc they were all annoyed. i mean, i didn't mind bc i love that girl, i was just mad everyone had the nerve to leave me. but whatever. but THEN we got back to the house and she wouldn't go to sleep unless i did too. so i had to pretend to sleep until she did and then i snuck out and went to the sig ep thing....sorry were just too drunk to go anywhere.

anyways. i likes the sig ep thing with the few exceptions. i read last time's entry and laughed becauae i was so drunk i don;t even remember typing it. this one i'll remember hopefully.

love ya

p.s. in case i don't remember, i did in fact wash my face and put on face cream.

Friday, March 20, 2009


i know my title is incomprehensible. but its oaky.

so. i started out the night really unenthusiastic. because FUCK THE MALE SPECIES. and now i', just dtujnk. all the the time. i cried tonight already but in private. so its okay. bur i'm drunk, its okay.

why wou;dtn anyone me. ebcauese i'm t> yeah duh. ok.

bogies is stupds,,,,

my best friend forever has repkace me with a new firl. fuck that, why am i replace in all aspects of my life?

Friday, March 13, 2009

forty year wine-o's?

okay we're at kitty's's funny because forever i was like oohhh i'm not drinking tonight. and then my room mate sid was like...we're not going out, we're just drinking at kitty's...and i suddenly wanted to go out. does that make me an alcoholic that i just want to drink by myself? KITTY TELLING ME TO STOP BLOGGING. she sucks. "she is mean to me and she made a mean comment" -lynda, my other room mate. being quotes.

she's calling other people poo heads...I CAN'T HANDLE ALL THIS TALKING TO QUOTE. I CAN'T HANDLE QUOTING IT!!! CRAZY!!!!!!! kitty is laughing behind me right now...laughing. LIKE MY MOTHER.

okay so we were all sitting in kitty's living room drinking [boxed] wine and talking about life... like middle aged women. is this a flash forward to my future? shit. i mean, it's fun. hopefully i'll be THIS drunkenly fun when i'm older.

also, i want to talk about musician boy, but that's so typical of me. my life DOES NTO REVOLVE AROUND BOYS. i'm retarded. i'll fill you in anyways. he messagefdd me on fb (of his own accord)...and we talked about APPLE SNAILS last c lasss. hahhass that sounds sooo lame. maybe i won't be a cat lady spinster after all. or maybe i will and my lack of hope in the human race/kindess is totally legit. i wouldn't be surprised about my pessimissm being the total truth.


why am i a 50 year old woman?
and also, i lynda was moving around a lot, and i imagined in my mind that she was shuffling about iun a SLEEPING BAG...but i looked up and she was in a blanket. wtf. wtfffff.

and you know what? those 100 calorie packs are not enough food to survive on. just saying. i will gladly eat a fried meal instead.

let's just make shit up since everythign is in my mind anyways. purple dinosaurs? sure. why the fuck not.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Unda dee influenzaa

i don't know why the title of this blog was written ( because it was thought in) in a weird accent and with a disease instead of "influence." i know technically i am not drunk but this counts. hopefully you know what i <<*not yo name* is bothering me so i keep losing my train of thought>>. the vein on the left side of my neck...i can feel the blood running through it. it's soooo gross. like SERIOUSLY. i actually can constantly feel the blood in my body which is GRROOOSSS but when i drink (and am allergic) or when i'm UNDA DEE INFLUENNNZZAAA (y? y??) it is intensified. bloop.

311 is playing right now. stop being paranoid *not yo name*!!!! i think actually for a lot of this we're sitting in silence. i'm fine with that. ugh my neck. i'm hungry but i don't want to eat cause i'll over eat. but I LOVE BRIE!!! ~~~~ those squiggly things look funny. kind of gross. it ellicits the same reaction as "moist" but its not a word, its a sign!!!

cancer. sign. i wish i was an astrologer so i could always read my my stars. HUNGER FOR THE SALTY. SAAALLLTTYYY. I WANT MEAT. or brie.

throat hurts. i hate clearing my throat though because it feels scratchy and i don't wanna sound like weird...have you noticed there's a stigma against scratchy throats?

I wonder what thsi page would look like if i couldn't backspace and get rid of all my mistakes and just kept typing no matter what? it woouled (middle english) look CRAZZYYY. like youcouldn't read it. i wouldn't if that would be a cool art piece?


Friday, March 6, 2009

land of free drankz

(so i tried to post this last night, but the internet was being a fuck up and i was too drunk and impatient to try and make it work, so i wrote my thoughts in a word document instead so i could save it for the next day when i could soberly copy and paste it. As a result, many of my typos were auto-corrected and the full effect of my drunken state has been impeded upon...i'm sorry. at least there's something!!)

heyI’m wasted. In fact, I kind of feel sick, like I wanna throw up, but not really. Like I could but I won’t. ya know? I feel ya. But yeah. I’m allergic to alcohol, fo r those who don’t know, and it makes me feel the effects if I haven’t drank in a while. I haven’t had alcohol in a week and so early on, I could feel the blood running through my neck ( a side effect, which is VERY uncomfortable btw) until I calmed down…now I feel fine everything is fine. Ash* when to brind me to get cane;s, but only after we brought Kasey* home…it hers birthday and she was out of control drunk like, crying and shit. CRAZY. Oh well, I know people would take care of me while I’m that drunk so I don’ t mind.

I can hear my next door neighbor throwing up right now. Its really a good sound to fall asleep to.

I would write more but my eyes hurt and I’m tired and drunk/.D RUNK. Ok? Ok. Good.

love ya