Wednesday, January 23, 2013


this is on the topic of people u secretly hate but can't up front tell, and part of the reason is that theyre your room mate's boyfriend and you like your room mate but sometimes wonder if their boyfriend is legit either mentally retarded or just totally uncaring of the feeligs other people around them. to the boyfriend i secretly hate:

1. if you're putting your groveries in the fridge, why the FUCK wouldn't you watch out for other foods in the fridge? don't knock over a saucer full of sauce. decency no tonly dictates this, but i feel that COMMON SENSE HERE IS FIRST. OH, I KNOCKED SOMETHING IN THE FRIDGE OVER........ MAYBE I SHOULD RIGHT IT? OR CLEAN UP THE MESS I FUCKING MADE? i don't know.

2. if you're going to use your room mates (aka, my) tooth paste, at least try to hide it. if its fucking obvious that whoever uses the toothpaste squeezes the tube from the bototm, then MAYBE YOU SHOULD TOO. DON'T FUCKING SQUEEZE MY TUBE OF TOOTHPASTE FROM THE MIDDLE. IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE AND ALSO, SHOULDN'T YOU BE HIDIND THE FACT THAT YOU'RE USING MY TOOTHPASTE? UUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH YOU ARE LITERALLY A FUCKING IDIOT.

3. do your dishes. i don't get it. if you lEave your dishes at the sink without washing them--- who do you think is washing them? if your'e NOT washing your OWN dish, LOGICALLY, WHO THE FUCK is washing YOUR dish? not you, is the answer. so wash. your own. FUCKING. DISH. YOU LAZY. SACK OF SHIT. YOU'RE A SACK OF FUCKING SHIT. IT'S INSANE THAT ANYONE LOVES YOU. THAT FACT THAT YOUR MOTHER LOVES YOU EVEN REMOTELY, IT BLOWS MY MIND.

4. why do you have a key to the house? i hope your key carries a terrible disease and you catch it. and it disables you from using my toothpaste or from putting the groceries away (since your lack of common sense renders you totally unable to put things away like a logical person).

5. you're terribele. you will neber see this. maybe i willconfront you about my toothpaste when i'm sober. right now i'm just angry and numbert=ing things.and you know what? it doesn't matter how drunk i am, you're still a sack of shit.