Wednesday, November 25, 2009

drunk hiccups

okay im so drunk that everytime i feel drunk i usy hiccccuo, okay im drunk>??? mayebe? maybe not? i jjust hiccup for everything its miserable. iiii wish i wasnt allergic to anything esepcially not awkward moments. icajt ebvn breathe realllllt without being unfair. oh goshhhhh this suck.s.. immmm soooooo sober slash so drank and sob erat the same time


so i can't stop hisvuppinh, is that a sign tosh hit the fuck up and stop typing>>>>?? uest this iswhat the public is sayign:

"get the fuck offline and sleep you moghinerrr fucker."

oaay i love everyone,



Saturday, November 14, 2009

honky tonk bedonk adonk

okay soooo everythinkfs moving super fast like the speed of light. everytime i feel this i rhink of how nothing mattttters,

and then i think abour exes ndhow they suck.

qducky ducky quck quck barbaharharhahrarharharahra[

we;;ree awkwart and we know it. ebeyerone is upset with me being ANNOYING AND I KNOW IT//////////
WHY is this happynign WHYll??? immjust so tired andi love onion strings, meee

okkkkkkkkkkk mmmmmhh*? happpyyyyo

Friday, November 13, 2009

i owe amy a handle of whiskey

i wasn't gonna go out tonight, i swear. iw as just gonna stay home, be the designateed driver who picks erryone up, and then go to bed early for the sake of my skin (which is breaking out, and by the way i did my ENTIRE face hygiene regiment which is extensive i will have you know, and i did it all hopefull to God's satisfaction). i am breakkkiinngg out. i swear to go if i get one more zit, i'm slashing someone's eyez out.

not lying.
aye aye aye captain. AY YIYIYIYIIYI! bahahaa

okay so we went to shady's and or bogies. actually everyone went to shadys and then i snuck into bogeis to avoid paying cover, but then i left again and went back to shadys and then we left. i felt like every girl in shadys was annoying. fucking sorority girls. wanted to punch every girl that pushed me out the way and didn't say excuse me. BITCHES, THE ENTIRE TIME I'M WALKING THROUGH THE CROWD, I'M JUST REPEATING "EXCUSE ME" OVER AND OVER AGAIN EVEN IF IM NOT EVEN TOUCHING ANYONE. ugghh people are just so rude sometimes.

hey, girl, just because you're wearing that gay costume from your exchange doesn't make you cool, go home and put one some real clothes. oooooh cool you were just at an exchange with BOYS. LIEK OOHHHHEMGEEE!!

i will try to not be negative.

loljk, that's a stupid promise.

okay thyme (like the herb) for bed nightttt


ps. happy birthday cici

Sunday, November 8, 2009

fight, fight, fight!

tonight the sue johanson's played at mike's. lynda, me and liza were in the front by the stage, and surrounded by douchebags. behind us, stereotypically smelly indians (like, seriously a gigantic group of them) and in front of us frat boyz and their hoes blocking our vision. all in all, an enjoyably violent position we were in. liza kept elbowing and shoving into people to prove a point. thumbs up for that, i love sticking it to the man.

oh shit, before the sue joe's we were at ellie's apartment (she wasn't there, we were just using her apt....not joking, wish i was cause then it wouldn't sound so ridiculous) just drinking. ALL DAY. like, at noon. we were drinking. the alabama/lsu game was today, it was depressing. jarrett lee is a disgrace, as usual. i actually feel really bad for him because i'm sure everyone he knows must hate him. would hate to be him in the locker room after the game. or on the football team in general, geez, HOW DEPRESSING. its sucky enough just watching it on tv.

fucking saban.

trying not to be bitter. anyways, then we went to mikes. we started out with like a group of ten, and then me lynda and liza realized we were alone at the bar. the rest of them all went to pluckers, a restaurant open late, and we met them there. and this asshole in the table across from us kept saying incoherant drunken words, like yelling in the restaurant. soo,...i may have provoked him a little by saying "you're in public...shhhh" like...maybe a few times. he called me a chinese bitch and i FLIPPED MY SHIT...hahah may have yelled in public. like called him a pasty white boy...probably a few other mean things (like racist) that i can't remember cause i'm pretty sure i was close to anger blackout (and drunk so im sure that doesn't help memory retention). the waiter told the guys at the table they had to chill out and so that ended the fight. pretty lefit, the entire staff was entertained, i'm sure.

enventful end to an eventful day.

lynda took patron shotz because her mom is sue and her brotha hooked her up with dat good shiet.

good times, man. good times......can;t wait to wake up tomorrow and remember that i indieeed washed my face tonight. DID MY WHOLE ROUTINE!! can't wait to shower....

i love being clean......


Friday, November 6, 2009

tonight was the definition of a cluster fuck

okay so before i forget, i washed my face and put on night cream. YEAAAHHH so when i wake up i know i'm gonna be like "SHIET, DID I WASH MY FACE?" and then i'll read this shit and be like. YEAH I DID. har har har. i havea french in class essay tomorrow sooo...i need to get up for dat shiet. ya trick yaa..

tonight was wild. we went to JL's first bc we were suppsoed to have an exchange with lambda chi tonight but it got canceled...but they kept the bar rented out so we went anyways (and said hi to the only lambda chi any of us know....) and then we left and went to shady.s they were tryign to charge me 5 dollars though, but they already put the marks on my hand, so i just ducked out and went across teh street to meet ym friends, aka i dind't pay shit. IN YO FACE MELLLOOWWW MUSHROOM.

then i tried to go bak to shadys but i couldn't find anyone and then i went back to mellow, found tay and he brough tme back to his arpt and i hung out with him, brennan, and their frined joey. i can't remember what we did or what we watch---wait, jk we watched family guy. and i ate zapp's voodoo chips, which i bought but left at their house. tay brought me back to the sorority house and now here i am typung. har har harhahrahrharhahrahrah

okay. so my eyes sare oranges sometimes.

miss yall it was an unterestng night