Friday, June 3, 2011

New York.... terrifying highways

My sister and brotherinlaw dragged me to some birthday party of their friends. Let me break it down for you: imagine a large photo studio loft full of 35 to 40 somethings dressed like hipsters (thick frames glasses, vintage mexican ponchos, skinny jeans with cut off leather boots.... etc.).... yeah I know, its a weird mix. So obviously I go for the free BBQ, I mean, who would pass up burgers and hot dogs besides a vegan, and who would be friends with them anyways. Honestly, they couldve been vegan hot dogs since we were in Brooklyn, but I have no idea. I began drinking because obviously i am not in this demographic (35 to 40 somethings dressed in ponchos and cut off leather boots). There was a keg, so ya know, doing it frat party style, I hit it up with my plastic cup. By the end of the party, I was a socializing machine, and by that I mean I was talking to people that I've met several times before but never made the effort to speak to because they're like 47 years old and I figured they have better things to do than talk to some 21 year old girl who looks 12. But yeah, I was a machine. And then came the drive home........

My sister was liek falling asleep at the wheel because she gets up at dawn to go to work, and my brother in law was clearly intoxicated, but claimed he could drive. And I had a few beers but don't have a clue where we're going nor know what its like at all to drive on a New York freeway. So Harry fights with cathy for a bit then gets behind the wheel... terrified. It's not that he was a bad driver (he's just a in general bad driver with a bad temper, as are all new yorkers with a car, so bad driver isn't really a classification any more, as it is a generalization), and he didn't do anything crazy behind the wheel. i was just sitting there in huge tipsy paranoia that we were going to crash at any moment. It didn't help that he stopped at a gas station before embarking on the highway and got me to buy starburst so I could unwrap them and hand them to him during the drive so he could eat them and sober up. I have no idea how starburst sobers anyone up, but whatever, we made it alive.