Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2 Dollas 4 Hollas

*written last night on Microsoft Word at 2 AM*

Im trying to log into blogger right now but its not working. UM yeah so that's dedication. Im so fucking tired right now. But my fans were like “yo we need mre dubbel viziion.” SO I WAS LIKE OKAY WHY NOT? So here I am. On word document. And this shit keep sauto correcting my spelling. So yall will not see the original form of my typing. Im just saying its kind of good for how much ihad to drink.

Went to 2 dolla Tuesdays at bruno’s …. Yeaheverything was 2 DOLLAS. Right????????? Met up with my friend spam and hse was with all her friends. It was a sausage fest. But one with lots of fguys wearing graohic tees. Aka really not the type of person I would noramll converse with. But its nice to see how the other half lives. The other half of people that wear graphic tees.

What I want ot know…. Is why anyone wears cargo shorts. Why??? Why do you need the extre pockets???? I don’t get it. I will never get it. Someone with cargo shorts got my number. I didn’t see he was wearing cargo shorst til he got up to leave. But really. What was I supposed to say? You can’t have my number becase you’re wearing cargo shrots??? That’s just rude.

Imagine if you were wearing cargo shorts. What would YOU keep in the pockets? Me, I would put dirt in them and make them pocket gardens. One pocket would be mushrooms, the other, some sort of flower. I would be a walking, cargo short garden. And people would thank me when I went to bars and gave out fresh strawberries or cilantro. Gr8 idea, me. So there is a reason for cargo shorts after all.