Sunday, February 28, 2010

its a quarter after 1 and i need you noowoww


went to an alternatice party tongiht. guys were more into plaid sihrts and skinny jeans than normal. and becase i didnt know anyone i chuged more alcohol so i wouldnt feel as uncomfortable.


hung out with z's firned, berry, a large black guy who had dreads. just my type of friend lol no really though
and i have a feeling i was really loud and sang a LOT in public (like a lot) but i can't remmember, i just have a feeling and you kjnow what mark twain says : feelings are jack SHIT. actually mark twain never said that i just made that up and pretended to quote mark twain so you would maybe take what i was saying more seriously, although instead of qutoing mark twain, who no one gives half a shit about, i shouldve said like obama or osama bin laden or something. too L8

luv you
miss u
rly wanna kiss

thru da phone

Sunday, February 21, 2010

i must have the brady bunch curse on me



went to mikes tonight not bad. verey fun actually. im drunk and i can already tell that my stomach doth protesteth tomorrow morn. i tried to talk to a boy tonight (so you can't say im not making an effort) and i was straight up shot down

tonight was mya's birhtday which is why we went to mikes (not usually that kind of girl) and it was "free drinks" aka cover was 10 dolla, aka a hasslehoff.

i dont know how i got this intoxicated, honestly. HONESTLY. HONEST TO GOD. GAWD.

soy bean milk? no not tonight not until i'm home. ya, soy bean milk. yucca soy beanz.

yucca soy beanz.

Friday, February 19, 2010

grreens not a good color for me

my day will come like sleeping beauty (or was that a song in snow whites?) soo tonight was kind of a stressful night because we had an exchange it may or may not have been less succssful than hoped...thats ok i think in the end we did our best and everyone that was there had a good time. but between you and me


glad i could get that off my chest. anyways, i was so stressed i pretty much drank my sorrows and i'm drunk right now. it's been an interesting night to say the least.

1. i talked to boys, of my own volition (in a desperate attempt to get those god fucking damn lambda chis to not be so anti social)
2. some dumb drunk bitch knocked over a chair that was broken (read: JAGGEDLY KNIFE LIKE) and it hit my leg/foot. I'll just say that even through my drunken state, I can feel the pain.
3. I had an in depth conversation about asian ethnicity within the greek system. like extremely in depth

my foot hurts
bitches need to watch out and stop knocking over knife chairs
i need to find the boy wearing a plaid shirt and that remembered my name. unfortunately i have no idea what his name was so that's my fault

and also, i snuck into shady's tonight without paying so that was good.

i hate lambda chi.

Friday, February 12, 2010

gemma ward, a model betrayed

just read this article on that model gemma ward, and apparently she's too fat for the modeling industry. that's a real shame because she's like 5'11 and 120 apparently she gained 30 lbs and shes too fat now. SHIT, I'M LIKE 5'2 AND I'M DEFINITELY FATTER THAN GEMMA WARD! oh well. im sure it doesn't help that i eat shit like gumbo and fried chicken and stuff. mmm, fried.yummmmyy

so tonight we went to ellie's apartment (you know i was thinking about it and why don't i just use normal first names instead of altering them because its not like i use last names...the government would never know).... amy, lynda, kristie "the cuz", margie, and her boyfriend/our friend lex luther all gathered at ellie's apt (she was there too if you're wondering) and played card games and drank beers. they also funneled out of a flamingo funnel named fifi. yes, it's literally a flamingo with a funnel incorporated into it. i didn't funnel because i know that is a vomit session waiting to happen, but everyone else did because they love it. and then we talked about the school system and poverty by the end of the night, so you can imagine how that was....lynda and lex luther were dead asleep by 2 am. I drove us home with the exception of margie and lex luther, and now that i'm thinking of it we should've stopped to get food because i'm starving. lex luther offered to get us dates for formal, but i feel like that was just politeness, and if it was just courtesy, i am fully prepared (mentally, socially, economically, physically, every sense) to go alone at this point so its not big deal. also, we discovered tonight that the cuz and lex luther are on the same wavelength about a lot of things and that the vegetable game is actually a game that is really a classic.

love yall
bok choy (that's my vegetable game name...duh)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


hey we went to a delta chi party tonight. our sorority was supposed to have an exchange with them but they fucked up so then they felt bad and had a party and invited us to come and no one really came except a few. i mean, a good number of us went but i mean. come on. north gate tavern? considering it was open mic night didn't help because that fucking awful amateur band played over the jukebox later on in the night (hey, some advice to yall -- don't pursue a career in music because you sound like shit). then we left and went to mikes where we stood awkwardly by ourselves and then we were picked up by friends and went to mcdonalds. i paid with my card, some people gave me cash (i have 3 dollars right now from contributors) and i had a happy meal with a burger. it was good.

maybe we should hang out with delta chi more often, because they don't act too cool to say hi to us.
just a thought.

love ya