Friday, September 24, 2010

finally, ashton kutcher and amanda peet

watching tv. went to fred's but now i'm home watching a movie on TBS with amanda peet and ashton kutcher. Can't remember what movie this is/i've never seen it.

we went to freds and then we went to mcdonalds and some random guy drove in the car with us. who he is i dont know.

i got a happy meal. and those fuckers didn't put a sauce in my bag, AKA I HAD TO EAT MY NUGGETS PLAIN! WTF! WELL actually there was this weird sweet n sour sauce in the kitchen from some asian place. like there were sooo many of these sauces. so i tried to use that as a substitute. and that was stupid. it was nastia.

so instead i ate my nuggets PLAIN AS OKRA (bc i usually eat okra plain)

this is a serious problem that is in the past