Thursday, October 28, 2010

listening to my voice

did an interview the other day

listening to my voice on the recording right now. it sounds gay. like, does my voice REALLY sound like that on a daily basis? i am apologizing right now to everyone that has to hear my speak. so bizarre. because thats not how my voice sounds in my ears. sounds way more awesome in my brain. obviously.

roomie's 21st b day tonight. mikes was weirdly empty, except for us kind of. and kasey's dad was there. lol at that. they wouldn't let him in at first because of his visible tatoos and earring. weird. who cares. sorry, didn't realize mike's entry standards were so high.

i need to turn this interview off. I could never be a news caster. no one would hire me.

love yall.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

celebrity central

went to tsunami sushi restaurant. celebs were there. i was eating but then decided to go outside to the patio where the celsb were. cair and sara were there waiting surreptiiously outside the celeb circle debating if they should go talk to them. i said, let's go. we started walking. ,i said "hi, we just wanted to come talk to yall" and then estarted talking. jjoe jonas, ashley greene, and i think jackson rathbone (aka jasper form twilight, although at the time i had NO IDEA who he was and thought he was just a groupie friend or maybe kellen lutz... don't know what he looks like but he seemed like he might be there.... lol oh well, obviously i didn't really care about these people, just was interested in talk to them bc they're famous). hey. just being honest in the parentheses... also it appealed to me becasuse there was about 1000 people standing around them awkwardly, like looking like they were just acsually hanging out on the patio, but really they were deabting talking ot them too. SO BAM! although i feel bad fo rthe celebs bc i think after we went up to talk, other people felt encouraged to go up to them too and they started gettng harassed. o well thats what you get fot being famous.wait. LOL that joe jonas has a show call JONAS L.A.... hahaha i know you make more money than me, but thats kind of degrading. really? jonas l.a.?

anyways then we went to JL's and it wa pretty much just me and lynda. and then ash and meg showed up later bc it was ash's bday.random drama happened bc one of their friends is a butch bitch (not p.c. i know but she really is) and then later bc some guy was a rude asshole sucking his own dick. jk that wasn't happening, but he was a rude little piece of shit. tried to tell meg he was/all guys are (btw guys aren't allowed to get offended until they prove me wrong. haven't met a guy yet that hasn't been a turd) but she seemed upset. i hate people. im eating salt and vineagar pringles right now but considering canes. don't know how i'll get there but its happening somehow. about to throw up on myself if i don't eat something sustantial.

i love being not a lame person.

and by lame i don[t mean likedisabled
altho i do appreciate i'm not disabled

but i do mean for real that i'm glad i'm not a dumb azz bitach. and who know swhat that really means. i just attempted to explain it but cant so i backspaced all dat shiet.