Friday, January 29, 2010

Too much white stripz

Yah so I did white strips tonight but i kept them in for like and hour and a half and like my bottom row of teeth are dying. everytime i toop a sip of beer i wanted to curl up into a ball and die. but its okay, i'm over it. like i can deal with this shit now. its really okay.

soooo i hate people. like i dont know why i think i like people. i seriously could live alone and not care. i mean, i usually shop alone, eat alone, sit alone in my room anyways. so whats the big deal. sometimes people just need to be a fucking lone, geez. honetly think its because i can't handle how people are. like i never knew people could be so annoying. like how they lie about shit or act around certain people. i just can't STAND people. i guess i grew up pretty much alone since my sisters graduated and lef before me, so i just was a lone or with my bff only all the time. does this sound sad or truthful? maybe both. i dont even wanna get started.

so its was pretty much a high school reunion tonight at bogies. not that i'm surprised i guess. but i pretended to be surprised and said hey anyways and then left. oh well. awk? maybe. also, my friend accidentlaly burned my hand with her god damn cigarette. ouch, like the fact that i can feel that now means i will be able to feel it fo sho tomorrow morning. hey. soooooooooooooooooo.

<( ._. )> (^._. )> (>._.)> haha its a kirby motion chart. cool huh:? not to be lame but i think its pretty cool. ps. instead of getting water in a normal sized cup i got it in a mini cup. cool huh? yeah i thought so.

love everyone.


also i saw sooo many people i stalk on facebook but don't actually know. i wanted to tell them i know about their lives but i refrained from being creepy, thank god.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

made it alive.

drove home to the westbank bestbank and i;m still alive/not in jail so thats a good sign. went out with megan sheephard tonight which is a testament to how desperate i was to find someone to go out with me. literally haven't spoken to her since like high school (ok so i spoke to her more rcently then that, but we're not like LEGIT friends) and but i guess she's cool. she's nice, i mean, she agreed to go out with me like wtf. hahaha its not like we're bff. but anyways, it ended being a high school reunion, BIG SURPRISE.

honestly if i hadn't gone to high school with these boyz i might wanna talk to them, but its WEIRD that i went to school with them for four years and we're like not friends. haha oh well, maybe like 10 years from now at our high school reunion (like the official one, not that random shit at the bars) i will be able to talk to them and not feel awkward. or maybe it will be even more awkward. whatever i look forward to it.

megan was trying to hook up with this guy that is clearly a womanizer (we both actually know him so i'm not just being judgey) even though she was bashing him earlier. its bc she has like low self esteem or something, but actually i was wishing she would go home with him so i wouldn't have tt drive her home, but she ended up trying to be "hard to get" and went home anyways. and by home i mean i drove her to another girls house (who i also know from high school, who bleaches her hair and i totally disapprove of it because it looks fucking orange and i constantly think, uhhh has NO ONE told you it looks unattractive?)>

but i'm home now so that's cool. yaa and i even got a cup of water from downstairs to drink and i washed my face and brushed my teeth. i'm on my game, man. i even stopped drinking when i knew i needed to stop drinking. I'M THE PICTURE OF SELF CONTROL!

btwlove yall

this is me.
ya trick ya

Monday, January 11, 2010

i'm not mexican

we got cheese freies tonight but i was too drunk to realize i
m not actually hugngry................. what a wastew of cheese fries.
the plam of my hand hurts, like i've been hitting things with it. but i haven't what's up wit dat shiet.

i'm thirsty for water.

water? whater?
helllllooo???? whater??? WHAT0ER?