Friday, May 14, 2010

hi, a lot

end of finals
no sleep
study "aids"
had about 3 drinks and i'm wassted
went to bogeimeisters and was blind sided. my entire high school was there
good thing i looked skinny from the study aids.

couldnt find my phone for a long time
walked around to a lot of places to find it
like my room, the den, the dining room, amy's car........

i must wake up tomorrow morning
i feel weird
like i feel drunk but not. like def not sober but i feel like instead of drinking and being drunk, i am just sober with a blanket of drunkness draped around me. if there's a diff.

i texted everyone in my poetry class if they wanted to hang out. no one responded so i guess that means no. so much for trying to make new friends.

i should've seen dat shiet comin

z's 21st birthdya tonight

she's perfect.
bearity is tired so i'm going to be

yall think im jokin but i'm not

also i wore an ann taylor loft shirt tonight and it was a HIT.
like smash hit
like baby one more time hit
i'm exxargerating, nothing could be that popular.