Thursday, April 30, 2009

diplo...pick it up slow, move it all around...etc?

dear life,

hi. formal was saturday. slut made out with my date. oh, wait, she's a HUGE slut with low self esteem? why am i not surprised. as for my date...what the fuck?

anyways, clearly our friendship is irreparable considering she hasn't approached me to apologize for being rude. oh well, looks like she has one less friend, and who cares since she's leaving anyways

anyways, saw bibster at spanish moon and z went to see diplo. fun, although z fell off the stage while dancing which was funny for me and emburrassing for her.

i need water. lynda and sid picked us as in me and z up tonight ...they were waitinf the moment the music ended. XRAZY. prob cause they wanted to sleep...

but yweah, lynda thought ahead and got us water. aka pinnacle of my night.

i love them they are amazing . SO SMART TO THINK OF THAT.

p.s. i have finals ...SHIT. IHAVE A TEST TOMORRO? i just remmebered....fuck.

kill me plz?


ps what if someone pooped in your bed. wat would you do?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

chicken for les

okay we bought vhcicken. we as in me and lynda. so i had to hurry and write this aka she says i should take my time to say mythoughts

first of all. it was formal tonight
my date was sadie. he was feelt nice to be complimented by him  but i mean at the same time he hit on anything that movied

also, amy one again has settled for SHIT. jamie, her love interest or whatever, treats her like a piece of shit. i honestly to be really really honest to god, trided to give him a chance, but he just continued to be a piece of aass hole. no surprise here, to be honest. and yet she still settles. she is so pretty and funnty, but for some reason she puts up with his shitty existence.

oksy. ssooooo
formal was overall good.
I NEED CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009


okay so i never drink on sundays...not because i'm religious. bc i'm not. but...just cause its a weird day to drink. but today was songfest and i went to the after party...which was the people (not all even, just some) of the dancers...and then randoms like me. fuunnn. i met people and then we played card games like capt. dickhead and fuck the deal.

also i was washing my face tonight and i realized that doing that while i'm drunk feels the same everytime. but i just never remember how it feels while i'm sober...maybe thats why i get drunk ? to remember that unrecognizable feeling bc its just in human nature to seek out what you dont know?

i don't know
i'm drunk, maybe maybe not.
i didn't mean for this to happen. i need a boyfriend, or maybe just my best friend---diana? where are you...

i can't begin to remember what its even like to have her here, but when she gets here its like it goes back to what i was used to everyday, as if nothing even changed.

WHAT THE FUCK??? goingot sleep.


also, speakinf od blair waldord, i saw a rolling stone with her on the cover with blake lively licking an ice cream cone, and there's like ice cream all up in blair's mouth. UNATTRACTIVE,

Sunday, April 19, 2009

asth-hole sig epths

south of the border party tonight at the sig ep frat house. fun? okay, maybe a lot. only because i know more than one person there and then i feel like i'm the bomb cause i'm like "HHHEYYYYYYY WASSUP" like we're bff even though we're not.

one thing to say beofre i start fo real.
driml dsriml driml driml driml driml drmimlkd riml drjimldrmidrkdmrdmsoj.

man. i closed my eyes and tried to spell drunk...didn't spell it right even once.


my eyes hurt because i literally had like 3 hours (prob less) of sleep last night and i didn't really nap all day. i wanna sleep.


p.s. some bitch security guard at sig ep mad me throw away my FULL BEER ...even though i was only pointing the way to amy to the bathroom....i was PISSED. but i'm drunk NOW so what diff does it really make in the end.

Monday, April 13, 2009

april showers bring may flowerssss

okay so its aprile..;...and though its not raining right now its STILL april and therefore its appropiate to have the blog title. ANYWAYS. lynda, amy, em, and i went to reggies 50 cent shot night to night... but as predicted, lynda, me and amy left at literally 12:30. em met upw ith her church friends who ended up being very crazy....i find the more shletered or religious or conservative you are...when you let loose at bars or whatveer shows how much pent up wild sexual tension you have. all her friends were like grinding and shit. it was awkward adn i won't lie...i was judging/making funt jhe whole time.

sooo i took a shower drunk. it was pretty amazing.

sorry i didn't blog over spring break. no one brought a computer. but rest assured i was drunk everyday...we missed out on about 7 blogs? crazy. i went home on the weekend though. i hate my old friends. i mean i love them, but i hate them because they/re inconsiderate adn don't think of others ever which reminds me of why i stopped hanging out with them as much.

sorority friends = best discovery ever...

sorry old friends. you just suck soemtimes...

also. lynda danced with a calculator tonight...don't ask...amy just had happened to have a calculator in her purse. weird? yes. but do you know me? why would i be good friends witha normal person, really? sounds so boring to be honest

man smells like updog in here. CLEAN UP YOUR POOP, BLEH GROSS.