Friday, October 30, 2009

camp whispering pinezzz

okay so i went to brighside bar to visit with old coworkers that i met at a summer camp. theyre pretty cool. i am DRUNKKKK and out t all on someone elses tab im not htat knightly. okay?

im just drunk. its a real effort to tye right now i won't lie. tye as in type. using keys.

so i texted this guy tonight that i was talking to kinda sorta aka not at all. and he didnt text me back. and that is the END of anything. i feel bad for guys that make one mist ake bc we wont ever talk again. too bad you had your chance. also i that woul also explain why im single.

bc im a bitch.

oh well.
do i look sorr yabtou it? bc im not eget o er it.

thats probably unintelligable but im too lazy to go fix it. oh well.
hey i like eggs and lard, what? what/?? watTT????

Sunday, October 25, 2009

so maybe i have a few drankz

okay. so maybe i had a few drankz. whats it to ya? huh? huh?

it was game day. wonderful day. wonderful. sid's parents came in town and had a tailgate, which was AWESOME. there were so much luxurious food and free alcohol i didn't know what to do with myself. also, we won then game, and then after (aka we left during half time because it was obvious we were winning) we went to serrano's, a restaurant/bar that everyone goes to after games. it was a good time. i had two margaritas (which are very strong) and for some reason, amelio bought use shots so i took that. so i may or may not be drunk, i don;t know. its weird bc usually during games i sober up and get a headache. not today....i think i just had THAT much to drink that i didn't ever sober up?

so. yeah also despite my drunkenness, i still had the foresight to go to my cafeworld application on facebook and make sure my dishes weren't rotting. and if you don't know what i'm talking about, join cafe world. its fun.

i would talk about other stuff that happened today but to be completely and totally honest, i can't really remember very much....i can't only remember the gist of what i did which is very unfortunate.

oh well.

i know i had a good time, i remember that?

love ya

ps sorry this is boring

Saturday, October 17, 2009

i just ate sooo much chiken

and i don;'t care. ya know why> beaucase tonight was semi formal and i DIDN'T HAVEA FUCKING DATE. AND YA KNOW WHAT> ITS BETTA DAT WEIGH (LOL @SPELLING) BC I DIDN'T HAVE TO WERRY BOUT EATING ALL NIGHT OR TALKING TO PEOPLE OR DANCING WITH ANYONE. i could dance by myself, which i did so don't you dare judge me, and not worry about entertaining a guest. i mean, yeah , sure i can say this bc i dont have anyone impt in my life to bring ot these things and havea good time with, so i wiill say tht, but its deal. ok?

ummm so sid brought us to get cane's chiccken eeennnnnn tonight and laura b. gave me an extra chicken finger bc she was full so i had FOUR STRiIPSSS. wwtffffffff im gonna wake up tomorrrow and be 1000000 lbs like that phi mu girl thats likea size 1 million that i see on campus all the time (mean, or honest? can't decide).

ummmmmmmmmmm sooooo also i decded that FUCK MOTHA FUCKAZ IMA LIVE MAH LIFE DA WAY I LIVE IT AIITES?!

peace motha fucka