Saturday, May 30, 2009

apparently we're not above the caterie

sooo tonight was ellie's birthday, so we pregamed at mel's aprtarment and then ellie got SO drunk (at 11:30 pm)that she couldn't go out...but somrhow these guys that lived next door ended up over at mel's apt and one of the guys' friends' band was playing at the caterie, aka a arealllllyyy sketchy bar. our inebritateed state, we somehow endedu p there, after i put ellie to bed bc she was beyond the level of drunk in order to be in public, and my roomie lynda were at the caterie for like 4 minutes when we realized we were NOOTOTTTT supposed to be there. like. seriously, do i look like i'm from new jersey and have my hair gelled in place? no thanks. we should've just gone to shady's. i think we're dumb. never hang out with a theta xi boy becauyse he'll take you to the f-ing cateerie. EWWWW\

i have to get up at seven for girl scout camp.

love you,
ps i have ot pnkuy sweaRE lkynnn..

love you

Sunday, May 17, 2009

la poubelle

in los angeles
just hung out with niko, my old high school friend from when i went to school in los angeles...god he's so trendy. i always forget how trendy my l.a. friends are. we hung out at this french restaurant in a trendy part of town and i had some drinks with over- privileged upper class 20-somethings. i got a LOT of gin and tonics so i would be more open but geez drinks in hollywood are so fucking expensive...i'm drunk.

niko is such a strange friend. he's a good friend for sure. like he'll always call to hang out and he's not a flake, like he's willing to meet up, but he's always kind of awk at first. i guess that's how all friends are. anyways i got to meet some weird friends of his but then he ditched me for some other club. he said he wanted to hang with me next weekend too, but you never know with these los angeles pretentious.

los angeles makes me so...self aware. i miss it but don't.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

i don't know where anything is

okay, so let's start at the end of the night...i was outside talking to these sigma nus that came over to hang out with jenn and then i realized it was late so i went inside to sleep and....lynda and sid are nowhere to be found...and neither is my phone. i don't know how i'm going to wake up in the morning. fuck.

yeah, so that was fun talking to those guys outside randomly. we found out one of their vietnamese friends lied and told him that a word in vietnamese that realyl meant fish sauce meant "what's up"...haha when he told me what what's up was in vietnamese, i laughed really hard cause i knew it was fish sauce. sucks for him

i wonder how i'm waking up at 7:30 in the morning....

so many questions.

also, i talked to sadie about my crazy texting and then lied to him and said i wasn't mad about anything (despite my texts that call him an asshole and say i'm offended) ...i am pretty sure he knows i'm lying though, cause you'd have to be retarded.

gotta lifeguard tomorrow so good night

love b
not my real name, like i accidentally did last night.

Friday, May 1, 2009

the bogmeister's

went to bogie's tonight,
reltively fun. not there to dance with frat guys because thats uncomfortable,

just from personal experienjce.

also, lynda lied to the only two black giys in the entire bar and said it wasa mt birthday...(BITCH) so one od the guys bought me a drink and then they kept on hovering by us all night. poor guys,they don't realize how judgemental all the girls in that entire building are...i'm sorry. i really did feel bad for them but at the same time wish every1 would leave me alone...

ALSO, sadie texted me tonight asking why i was mad at him, bu ti assume he was drunk because he misepelled several words. and i don't respond to drunk pity meessages, sorry. wanna know why i'm mad? take some common sense pills and figure it out. assface.

also. i/m tirede adnw anna sleep and my eyes hurt.

i'm drunk.

i love my friends.