Wednesday, April 6, 2011

chicken nuggets

**written last night on Word Document because of in-access to the internet

Blogger is down. I decided to write my entry on word right now/ and ust paste this into blogger tomorrow morning when I’m sobr. C im drunk right no.w I have my eyes closes while I’m typing rigt nowbcause ireally jut wwannt go to sleep. It feels nice to have my eyes closed. We went to wine night at th ebar where it wasonly a dolla for a glass of wine. Im redy to go to slee;-. We ate chicke nuggets from nmcdonals. Donts judhe me ok? I like chicken nuggets. Dnt justhe me I just followed my heart and it told me to get chick nuggets.

Chick. Chick chikc hic chkchichick chik.
Imagine a little chicken asking you not to kill it. That;s so sad. But I will still eat chicken nuggets. No remorse. Just a girl who loves chicken buproducts. And judging from my love of hotdogs, my love of beef byproduct too. Don’t tell anyone its embarrassing that I love hooves and jello.

Okay. G night I hate being awak right now.