Sunday, November 20, 2011

I hate cell phones

why would anyone like cell phones? all it allows us to do is be in touch with people TWENTY FOUR FUCKING SEVEN. what a nuisance. Now anyone that i don't want to talk to can call me and text me at any time of day. and also, people that i DO want to text me, i feel likr i am hyper aware of them NOT contacting me when i know they have full ability to at any time of day. fuck cell phones. you know what? SCREW texting. its destroying my life.

imagine if your life was destroyed by texting. o wait you'd look exactly like me. which wouldn't be so bad since i am pretty well groomed if i do say so.

pretty great spelling abilities for someone so drunk, i'm just gonna throw that out there, based on how my grammar and spelling look through the eyes of an intoxicated asian girl.

a boo boo boo boo boo. say that out loud and then take your pants off. and then face paint your neice with a ton of clown like smiles. its ok, i promise. i wouldn't promise if ididn't mean it. i ate cheese fries tonight at F and Ms. maybe the best decision of my life. i'm just gonna put that out there and then verify that that was a true statement. again. great spelling for someone so drunk. you're welcome.