Saturday, April 21, 2012


do you evere like someone and you feel embarrrased to like them? before i contiue wiht this tipic im jus gonna say that blogger redecorted their shit and its throwing my off becaue ebring tlook so dfi=iffent okay. look i am drunk lets ot deny it. how can we interptet this. we can't its; illegibe im pretteu usure. LOOK. i might be sruk hehthsrfhOFHh;heIhkhsFHAShoahI DIBTL WRQR I QDONT KNOW, OK? Leav me the fuck alone suck my dick bitches. PL/???????? ???????? I SEE LIGHTS AND I THINK OK, I JUST ATE NO JOKE" SHRIMP FLAVORED CHIPS" THATS WHAT IT SAYS ON THE BAG. I'VE BEEN EATIN SHRIMP FLAVORED CHIPS MY WHOLE LIFE THOUGH,JUST SAYING.

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